Expert Wellness Content Builds Traffic and Trust

Baginda Tirtadji

Head of Growth, Somnox

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Expert Wellness Content Builds Traffic and Trust

Baginda Tirtadji

Head of Growth, Somnox

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Effective Content Marketing from an Industry Expert

I’m a writer, content strategist, and wellness expert who helps natural brands build traffic, trust, and sales. My client list includes successful companies like Splenda, Thrive Market, HUM Nutrition, IQBAR, LMNT, Carb Manager, Keto-Mojo, and Perfect Keto. I’m also the author of Keto Intermittent Fasting, which currently has over 185 mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon.

My clients call me when they need a health expert to communicate their brand’s unique message to consumers.

I can help you:


  • Grow your niche in keto, sleep, hydration, and other natural product markets with strategic insights and content solutions. One client (the electrolyte startup LMNT) grew 5x and tripled traffic every year from 2019 to 2022. The company is now valued at $200m.
  • Get discovered by publishing remarkable content created by a wellness expert and optimized for search with Clearscope. (Here’s my free report on building traffic and trust with winning SEO health and wellness content). 
  • Expand your recipe presence with professional chef-created recipes for any specialty diet.
  • Boost conversions, follows, and sales with landing pages, emails, and social media copy tailored to resonate with your health and wellness niche. (Here’s my free report on using words to sell more in health and wellness)
  • Move into the keto space, a $10 billion rapidly-growing industry. (Here’s my free report on how to reach the keto customer).

I like working with Brian and his people because:

  • They’re higher-quality writers than others we work with
  • They do a great job of science-based writing
  • They work in Asana, so it’s nice and easy to manage!
  • We’ve had really good success with SEO from the articles they’ve written
Shane Vaughan

Director of Ecommerce and Digital, Oppenheimer Companies (Blendtopia brand)

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Recommendations from happy clients

Kimberly Corkum

Head of Marketing and Product Innovation, Keto and Co

I hired Brian’s agency to create SEO educational content to support the US launch of the Somnox Sleep Robot—and they delivered. The writing quality was excellent, the science was accurate, the projects flowed smoothly in Asana, and we’re on our way to capturing our desired keywords. This is a rare combination of qualities in an agency, so needless to say: we like working with Brian!

Baginda Tirtadji

Head of Growth, Somnox

Brian’s strategic insights helped us find more opportunities to get more leverage out of our content at Levels. His wellness expertise and deep industry experience have been invaluable in helping us navigate toward growth without compromising our editorial integrity. He gets our company and where we want to go. Huge value add.

Mike Haney

Editorial Director, Levels Health

Brian is very knowledgeable about the keto and low-carb lifestyle and the science behind it. We’ve been really happy with his writing. He tackles health and science-related topics and makes them easy for the reader to understand. He’s also super easy to work with, a true professional.

Sue Furdek

Director of Business Development, Keto-Mojo

I’ve been really impressed with the landing pages and email campaigns that Brian has created for my brands over the years. He conveys the science in a persuasive, punchy way—and it’s clear he has a deep understanding of marketing principles. Good investment for us.

Jeremy Adams

Cofounder and CEO, Kinderfarms

Brian is a gifted copywriter with a rare blend of skill and professionalism. I hired him on a contract basis to write SEO-friendly product description copy for Thrive Market, and he’s produced nearly 100 pages of solid work to date. Brian understands what we’re trying to accomplish, applies feedback effectively, and reliably meets deadlines. Also, I’ve really appreciated Brian’s easy-going attitude throughout our entire working relationship. We were lucky to find Brian, and I enthusiastically recommend him.

Holly E. Thomas

Senior Director of Content and Community, Thrive Market

Brian is really great to work with, and we rely on him to do a lot of the blog writing for Mother Dirt. He takes complicated subjects and makes them accessible for all readers and he does it eloquently and with ease. He always provides a quick turnaround, and never misses a deadline – woohoo! I love how he asks smart questions and takes direction and feedback really well and I feel he genuinely understands our mission as if he’s a member of our in-house team. He very quickly became my go-to writer for the stuff that is just too complex for me to handle. Brian’s a gem, and I know you’ll be happy working with him as well.

Tina Adoniou

Content Director & Branding, Mother Dirt

I had the pleasure of working with Brian in 2018 to have him write blog articles for our company, and Brian expertly met the writing expectations. Very professional, easy to work with, and was diligent in executing the difficult task of incorporating research into easy-to-understand medical pieces. Brian would be a great asset to any team!

Tiffany Yeh

Digital Marketing Coordinator, InBody USA

(Recommendations are also on my LinkedIn Profile)

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