Expert Health and Wellness Content to Get Your Brand Discovered

-Baginda Tirtadji

Growth Marketing Manager, Somnox

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Expert Health and Wellness to Get Your Brand Discovered

I hired Brian’s agency to create SEO educational content to support the US launch of the Somnox Sleep Robot—and they delivered. The writing quality was excellent, the science was accurate, the projects flowed smoothly in Asana, and we’re on our way to capturing our desired keywords.

-Baginda Tirtadji

Growth Marketing Manager, Somnox

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Effective Content Marketing from Health and Wellness Experts

If you want to reach your health and wellness niche, you need expert writers who understand that niche. How else can you expect to resonate with your target customer?

You also need writers who understand how SEO really works. (Not keyword stuffers.) And these writers should be creating magazine-quality content that makes your customers smile. 

The content must be credible, scientifically sound, and aligned with your brand. And it must be optimized for search so consumers can find you. 

You need to check all these boxes. Most agencies and writers don’t.

Our team has the expertise in writing craft, SEO, and health-related science to get your brand discovered. 

    I like working with Brian and his people because:

    • They’re higher-quality writers than some of the others we work with
    • They do a great job of science-based writing
    • They work in Asana, so it’s nice and easy to manage!
    • We’ve had really good success with SEO from the articles they’ve written
    Shane Vaughan

    Director of Ecommerce and Digital, Oppenheimer Companies (Blendtopia brand)

    Our team can help you:


    • Reach your target customer with remarkable content that’s ready-to-publish on the first draft. (Here’s our free report on building traffic and trust with winning wellness content.)
    • Become an authority in keto, sleep, hydration, and other natural products markets. Our team of science writers has the expertise you need. One client (the electrolyte startup LMNT) grew 5x and tripled traffic every year from 2019 to 2022. The company is now valued at $200m. 
    • Expand your recipe offerings with professional-chef-created recipes for any specialty diet. 
    • Boost conversions and sales with landing pages, sales emails, and Facebook ads tailored to resonate with your health and wellness niche. (Here’s our free report on using words to sell more in health and wellness)
    • Move into the keto space, a $10 billion rapidly-growing industry. (Here’s our free report on how to reach the keto customer).

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    About the Founder

    Brian Stanton is a content specialist and health expert who helps natural brands build traffic and trust. His book Keto Intermittent Fasting currently has over 185 mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon.


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