The global keto market is projected to reach $14.75 billion by 2027. This is up from about $10 billion in 2020.[*

Keto keeps growing because more and more people want to lose weight, and a low-carb diet is a proven way to do so.[*]

All this growth means the competition for the keto crowd is now thicker than Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair. To reach this crowd, you need an effective strategy.

I created this list to help. After three years working with top keto brands, studying what works in this industry, and writing a popular book (Keto Intermittent Fasting), I know a few things about connecting with the keto customer.

Some of these tips will be review for you. But hey, a little review of the basics never hurts. 

#1: Find your keto segment. Don’t make the mistake of catering to a generic human trying to lose weight on keto. By trying to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one. Instead look to smaller markets, like yoga moms wanting more energy or entrepreneurs seeking a mental boost. 

#2: Capture and nurture leads. When a potential customer visits your website, offer a lead magnet to capture their email. It should be specific to your target market, like an ebook on Keto-Fueled Yoga. Then nurture that prospect via email with a mix of useful content and attractive discounts. 

#3: Establish credibility. People buy from people they trust. Boosting your keto credibility might involve:

  • Getting a keto influencer, author, or doctor to endorse your product
  • Citing credible science in your marketing materials
  • Being properly certified and labeled—non-GMO, organic, GMP, etc. (Keto folks are especially voracious label readers).

#4: Be an authority. Authority is the ultimate form of credibility. You want customers looking to you for keto answers. Do this by continually releasing educational content——articles, emails, podcasts, social media posts, and ebooks—that resonates with your target customer. 

#5: Sync up with affiliates. A successful client of mine has a well-oiled partner program. My client provides the marketing materials, the influencer shares the product with their audience in exchange for a cut of sales, and everyone’s happy. Believe me when I say that a good affiliate program can 5X revenues year over year in a growing keto market. 

#6: Make it risk-free. That same client also removes all risk for customers. They don’t ask questions or force a return. They just refund the money. Their sub-1% return rate is worth it. After all, a good risk-free guarantee can double sales. 

Is this a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach keto customers? Of course not. It’s just a starting point. 

But if you let these ideas marinate, you might be inspired to tweak your marketing strategy. You might narrow your target segment, ramp up your content, or partner with an influencer to connect with the keto crowd. Even small changes can have a big impact on your business. 

Want help connecting with keto customers? Maybe we can work together. Email me at with as much detail as possible and I’ll get back to you.

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